Build A New Empire by BatmanInu Platform

BatmanInu Empire - A place where there is only friendship and loyalty. Everyone lives happily and makes laughter together in an open community. They call it's the BatmanInu family

About BatmanInu Empire

"BatmanInu is terribly rich but solitary in the Blockchain world. So he built his own empire - a place where only friendship and loyalty. In that place, everyone was treated fairly with each other. The transactions are just subject to a very low TAX and the taxes used to build the BatmanInu empire are stronger. The Lucky Spin Monument is a symbol of prosperity here. Every citizen can buy a ticket worth 5$ converted from $BMI to try their luck! The residential community agrees with this. They call it's the salvation and they call the BatmanInu world it's a family"

Token Utility


Part of the fee of the transaction is added to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. This is the support for liquidity sustainability of the BatmanInu project

Team KYCed

BatmanInu team has passed the APESALE KYC inspection process - the launchpad has an anti-rug system is set up to prevent any kind of potentially dangerous projects

Huge Marketing

Part of the TAX wallet is used for Marketing. Along with the support of the community, the BatmanInu chart will always grow up


BatmanInu creates a most vibrant community with the Giveaway and Airdrop activities held every day. Everyone is happy in the world of BatmanInu


  • Burned

  • 32%


  • 1%


  • 17.6%


Token Allocation

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BMI

Dev Team


BatmanInu’s smart contract has been custom-built to effectively protect the interests of all holders. During every transaction, there will be a 6% tax allocated across BatmanInu functions.

Huge Marketing

3% fees of every transaction are added to our marketing fund. This helps us to launch aggressive marketing campaigns.

Add to Liquidity

1% of every transaction fee will be added to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. This helps to create a price floor and supports the stability of $BMI.

Development Bank

2% of every transaction fees will be added to our development wallet. This will help develop our current and future products.



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